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Who is Misha?
Name: Misha Collins (born Dmitri Tippens Krushnic)
D.O.B: August 20th, 1974.
Best Known Role: Castiel (Supernatural)

He grew up in Massachusetts. After attending the Greenfield Center School, Misha graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon in 1992. In the following year, he pursued a wide variety of interests; including a job at NPR headquarters, a White House internship during the Clinton administration, construction work, and an EMT certification course. He then went on to the University of Chicago where he studied social theory. >>Read Full Biography<<
Introducing Castiel
Castiel is such an amazing character, not just because Misha plays him but because of how he plays him. He's so beautifully and tragically flawed but perfect at the same time, which seems impossible but just watch the show, i promise you won't be disappointed.
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Latest TV Appearance
Show: Supernatural Episode: (11.03 - The Bad Seed)
Date: October 21st, 2015
Captures: HERE

The Attack dog spell Rowena placed on Castiel is digging deeper and deeper, can the winchesters help break the spell and save the angel?
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I have added episode stills of Misha from his appearance in the Season 1, Episode Fifteen, of the television series Timeless. I will add screen captures soon.


Published byKris on March 28th, Under: Gallery Addition, Television

I’ve added media for this weeks episode “The bad seed” to the gallery for viewing or such purposes. You can find the links below, i’m still working on a video and other areas, so as soon as they are done then i’ll get more various videos and gifs and such out 🙂


Published byJennifer on October 22nd, Under: Gallery Addition, Supernatural, Television

I’ve finally managed to add screen captures and promo photos from 11.01 and 11.02 to the gallery for viewing or any such purposes. I’m sorry for not updating at the start of the season but i was sick and just getting over it so things are progressing 🙂


Published byJennifer on October 22nd, Under: Gallery Addition, Supernatural, Television

Courtesy of the Franchise Herald.

Sam and Dean Winchester will reportedly be patching up the seasons-long tension between them when “Supernatural” season 11 premieres this October.

“What I like about where we’re going is the brothers are united,” Jensen Ackles, who plays older brother Dean, told the audience at Hall H during Comic Con last week. “We’re back to normal, so to speak, and we have a common target. I’m excited to get back to that original format.”

The long-awaited unity won’t be much of a happy event, however, since one of the boys’ friends will be having a hard time this season… again.

Remember that time Castiel turned into a bad angel? He’ll be going through that again. But this time, he’ll be under a curse set by Crowley’s mother, Rowena.

During last season’s finale, viewers were left with Castiel in the attack dog spell that devious Rowena cast on him. When “Supernatural” season 11 rolls around later this year, he would still be under that spell. Seeing as he’s immortal, he would have to endure that situation far longer than a human would.

“[Castiel] is going to have turned dark. He is going to be suffering from the effects of that attack dog spell,” Misha Collins, who plays the eandering angel, expounded to Zap2It. “So he’s going to have blood-shot eyes and be kind of rabid and that’s going to be something he’s dealing with for quite some time.”

Click Here to read the rest of the article.

Published byKris on July 20th, Under: Misha News

I’ve added the few photos that were taken while Misha and Mark Sheppard were in Entertainment Weekly’s radio lounge during San Diego Comic Con.


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